FIOS routers don’t necessarily change IP by simply unplugging and plugging in. One need to access the router to change the IP. Once accessed the router, do the following: Select “My Network”, “Network Connections”, “Broadband Connection”, “Settings”, “Release” in the DHCP Lease section The IP should be changed.

Use these at your own risk. Run PowerShell at the elevated Command prompt. Use the following commands to remove respective apps. (To remove Mail and Calendar app from current account only) Get-AppxPackage *windowscommunicationsapps* | Remove-AppxPackage (To remove 3D Builder app from current account only) Get-AppxPackage *3dbuilder* | Remove-AppxPackage (To remove Alarms & Clock app from […]

A refurbished computer generally means it was: Returned by a customer for one reason or other and cannot be resold as new. It was  rebuilt fixing any problems previous customer experienced. Came from a canceled order. Refurbished computers are much better priced than new computers, but they are tested for like-new functionality. Disadvantages: Refurbished computers […]

1. Create a Restore Point 2. Run Powerhell 3 Then copy and paste this code at your own risk. 4. If this doesn’t work, seek professional help. ——- Beginning of code $path = “$env:LOCALAPPDATA\Microsoft\Windows\WinX\Group2” $x = “UEsDBBQAAAAIAEphSkmJ5YBS0QAAAPcDAAARAAAAQ29udHJvbCBQYW5lbC5sbmvzYWBgYBRhYgCBA2CSwa2B mQEiQAAwovEnAzEnA8MCXSBtGBwQ/Kgrwm2Pj4Xz7j/Ck9Vm5J4ThCkURtIEUxyq4TO/cr6l94oLD6/oPrz6GaRYCK aYEU1xtW7v74sTTPz2J+St4ZykvR+kmAmm+Og13laY6SLMYM0LVMsz81Iyi1RjiiuLS1JzjY1ikvPzSoryc/RSK1KJ 8eswAKoM5QyZDHkMKUCyCMiLYShmqATiEoZUhlwGYwYjoEgyQz5QRQlQPp8hh0EPKFPBMFLCZyQBAFBLAQIUABQAAA AIAEphSkmJ5YBS0QAAAPcDAAARAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABDb250cm9sIFBhbmVsLmxua1BLBQYAAAAAAQABAD8A AAAAAQAAAAA=”.replace(“`n”,””) [Convert]::FromBase64String($x) | Set-Content $path\ -Encoding Byte Expand-Archive $path\ -DestinationPath $path Remove-Item $path\ Stop-Process […]