Those times are back again now on Android. Pop ads. There is a way to remove them even if none of the apps could remove them

  1. Venu says:

    So, you tried all Anti-Malware, Anti-Spyware, Anti-Adware, Anti-virus apps to get rid off popup ads on your Android phone and nothing worked ! Not to worry. Those days are just back again with solutions. if you have Android 6.0.1, otherwise, known as “Marshmallow” do this:

    Follow at your own risk or ask a support specialist to do the tasks after backing up your data.

    Go to: Settings ->User and backup->Google->Personal info & privacy->Ad settings->Ads Personalization and then hit the switch to turn it off. A popup will come up to say something. Just hit on button “KEEP OFF”. Then another popup will come on. Hit on “VISIT ADCHOICES”. Wait for information retrieval. After this hit “CONTINUE” button .You may now see, perhaps, hundreds of companies hiding in your phone ! Hit on “Opt Out select all”. (Make sure you have good internet connection at this time) Hit “SUBMIT CHOICES” .Try again and again until they are all gone.

    You may not get another popup ad until someone stealthily installs again. So much for those free apps that claim to remove junk ads. You may want to remove them to free up some space.

    Good luck and enjoy. (This doesn’t guarantee, your phone may stop eavesdropping through mic or camera, if something like that is happening.) At least, you could stop annonying popup ads and some scripts hiding in your phone.

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