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How to allow remote connections on Windows using the Control Panel
1 Type Control panel in the search box.
2 Click on Systems.
3 Click on Remote Desktop.
4 Allow Remote acess.
5 Tyoe Remote Desktop Connection in the seach box.
6 Click Show Options within the RDC window (this displays the RDC configuration options.
7 Go to the Local Resources tab (this will take you to the sharing settings for the remote session).
8.In the Local devices and resources tab, click More. 9 Click the + arrow beside Drives to show more options. Users can share available Windows drives, portable storage drives (like flash drives), and optical drives (CDs, DVDs, DVD drives, etc) that they may want to utilize down in the future. Check any desired boxes to share storage with the remote computer and hit Ok.
10 Return to the General tab once satisfied with the drive sharing settings. Enabling Remeote Desktop Connection through the Control Panel is available on several Windows versions.
11 Enter the IP address of the remote computer into the Computer box (located under the section Logon settings
12 Click on Connect to establish the connection.